BABA Acoustics

BaBa Acoustics

is Balazs' and Balint's studio design service in the professional and home recording scene. Services includes consultancy, acoustic design, system design, HVAC, building and installation.

To complement the installation, we manufacture quality furniture for professional audio applications as well as acoustic isolation doors, door-steps and studio windows for the very critical places.

With our experience booth as soundengineers and studio designers, we have a unique approach to room design and a deep understanding of clients wishes and working methods. We manage room design as a whole complex system.

In our vision, projects on a lower budget do need quality acoustic service like their big brothers, so our experience is now in reach for lower budget professional installations.

Our own, new in-house designed and manufactured acoustic panels makes installation simple and cost-effective. Coupled with our free consultation services this gives a powerful and low cost package for home studios, professional studios, editing suites, High End HiFi rooms, rehearsal and practice rooms to achieve the acoustics of some "big" rooms.